BowTieXP Audit

Monitor the performance of Safety Barriers.

Use BowTies to create Risk based Audits

Monitoring Barrier performance

A remaining challenge in Risk Management is monitoring the performance of Safety Barriers in the organisation once they’re identified. BowTieXP Audits allows questions to be attached to the technical and behavioural Barriers that have a direct impact on safety, as well as the underlying management systems that implement and maintain Barriers.

Export Excel questionnaires

It’s easy to export an Excel sheet with a list of questions, send the file to multiple persons, and import the answers back into BowTieXP. No complicated IT implementation required.

Surveys, Mini-audits, Checklists

Although it was designed with auditing in mind, BowTieXP Audits can also be used in different ways. For instance when creating a survey to distribute to a larger audience. Or instead of waiting a long time until the next big audit arrives, perhaps a mini-audit with 5 to 10 random questions is a good way to ensure more continuous monitoring. Another creative application could be to use it for checklists. Ensuring all relevant barriers are in place before starting a non-routine operation.

Create overview or see the details


You can see the bowtie overview, or zoom into a single comment. It depends on what you want to achieve.

High quality reports

Audit results can be exported into several beautiful Word reports. These are standardised formats ranging from high level to detailed reports.

Visual Audits

Instead of hiding audit results in lists with answers, we visualise results on the BowTie itself. This makes potential problems instantly recognisable.