Risk Management via Bowtie Risk Analysis. Some people call it Bowtie Risk Analysis. You’ll call it Capturing the Essense of the Risk.

Risk Management Software


A Bowtie is a digram that visualise the risk you are dealing with in just one, easy to understand picture.

The diagram is shaped like a bow-tie, creating a clear differentiation between proactive and reactive risk management which will help you generate a more understandable diagram to help your workers employ safety more efficiently.

The power of a BowtieXP diagram is that it shows you “A Summary Of Several Plausible Risk Scenarios in a single picture.” In short, it provide simple, visual explanation of risk that would be much more difficult to explain otherwise.


New Risk Assessment
  • BowTieXP makes the risk assessment process highly interactive. Through the BowTieXP Workshop
    Process, more relevant risk information is captured and stored in the BowTie diagram
  • No matter at what level of detail you will be analying the risk, BowTieXP keeps track of the big picture for you.


New Risk Management
  • BowTieXP has a laser focus on helping you to identify what needs to be done to deal effectively with the risk.
  • BowTieXP provides the ideal visualisation for thinking through what happens when multiple risk scenarios occur
    simultaneously. Thus enables BowTieXP to be particularly useful for major accident prevention.


New Risk Communication
  • BowtieXP diagrams is designed from the ground up to be easily communicable and provides you with many option
    to tailor the diagram for your audience(s).
  • BowTieXP diagrams is designed to effectively communicate the risk context of the work environment, targeting
    the single greatest cause of mistake-based incidents.

BowTieXP Interactive Diagram

BowTieXP features a higly interactive diagram that allows you to ‘slice and dice’.

7 Level of Details
The ability to zoom to 7 diffrent levels of detail with just one click.


Decades of Risk Expertise built-in
BowTie was developed in close consultation with top expert like Prof. Dr. Patrick Hudson.


Your Risk Management System
BowTieXP is designed to not only uncover potential gaps in Safety/ Risk Direction System but also to provide guidance on where the greatest improvement can be made.


BowTieXP Manages Human Errors
Did you made mistakes while using BowTieXP? No worries, you are protected by multiple levels of undos.


Lightweight & Easy to Deploy
BowTieXP is designed for immediate use on corporate networks that do not allow users to install software


New Features
  • BowTie XL
  • AuditXP
  • BowTie Sharepoint
  • WebViewer
  • Incident XP
  • BSCAT-Barrier-based Systematic Cause Analysis Technique
bowtiexp brochure [PDF]