Accredited Tripod Beta Practitioners

Course Overview

A Tripod Beta Practitioner investigates and analyses incidents using the Tripod Theory of Incident Causation.

Whilst awareness of Tripod can be quickly gained, practical application is needed to build the skill and knowledge required to make effective use of the tool.

Tripod Beta Practitioner Accreditation course focuses to build these skills, through a blend of support, coaching and assessment. Feedback is provided on tripod incident investigation reports, giving Tripod Practitioners the opportunity to hone their skills and become confident in their ability to use this methodology effectively.

This course is certified by The Energy Institute and Stichting Tripod Foundation, United Kingdom. Each participant will be accredited upon passing a written test set by The Energy Institute.


  • Theory to Practice  - Put your knowledge into practice under the watchful eye of an expert accident investigator. The process has been designed to help build capability gradually.
  • Independent Demonstration of Capability - Practitioner capaility is verified by an external Tripod Assessor (certified by the Stichting Tripod Foundation.
  • Independent Recognition - Once you are accredited, you will be awarded a certificate by The Energy Institute and will be publicly listed on the Energy Institute database of Accredited Practitioners.


At the end of the course, each participant are required to sit for a written test for the accreditation. Upon passing the test, each participant will be issued a certificate of recognition as a "Tripod Beta Practitioner" by Stichting Tripod Foundation and The Energy Institute, United Kingdom.