Presentation to JKKP Malaysia

On February 2017, Khalil Safety Consultant has been given an opportunity to give a talk and knowledge sharing regarding ‘HIRARC’ implementation by using BowTie Methodology and incident investigation using Tripod Beta Methodology. Both methodology have been around for quite some times and are widely practiced in European countries.

The session that last around 1 hour are attended by 280 officers from Head of Department, Director and Deputy Director of Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) Malaysia. DOSH’s Strategy 2 – ‘Enhancing Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management at Workplace’ and Strategy 3 – ‘Sharing and Networking OSH’ are in-line with their effort in transforming OSH – Preventive Culture.

There are few proposal presented by Ir Mohamad Khalil Ishak towards achieving DOSH Strategy and are well-received by the audience.

1) Encourages industry to use BowTie Methodology in their Risk Assessment.

2) Utilization of certified 3rd Party Investigator to conduct an investigation to produce more transparent and unbiased findings.

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