“We misjudge risk if we feel we have some control over it, even if it’s an illusory sense of control.” – Robert Kiyosaki.

As experts in Risk Assessment’s in the Oil & Gas Industry, we at Khalil Safety Consultant offer our consultancy services to companies modafinil without prescription that might have limitations in conducting their own Risk Assessment.

We provides experienced facilitator to facilitate in this workshop, where the workshop will be lead until the desired outcome is achieved. With the experience gained in Oil & Gas industry, we will be able to assist you and your company throughout the HIRARC Process.

This workshop also will be following PETRONAS’s Hazard & Effects Management Process (HEMP) deliverables buy modvigil where certain criteria should be met before we can call the Risk Assessment complete. It consists of Hazard & Effects Register (HER), Safety Critical Elements (SCE), Competency, Critical Activities (CA) & also Remedial Action Plan (RAP)

For a duration of 3-days, we will help you to kick-start your Risk Assessment through brainstorming for up to 15 Major Hazards, which may exist in your nature of business.