bowtie risk management

Bowtie Risk Management @ HIRARC Training

This programme introduces bowtie methodology (one of many barrier risk models) and examines the various analysis components.

Bowtie analysis is an increasingly popular approach to help managing risk. The programme provides a critical review of the method’s benefits, limitations and practical uses, with hands-on practice at applying the technique.

At the core of this analysis is a risk analysis diagram with the hazard in the centre, and proactive and reactive risk criteria to either side. The diagram is in the shape of a bowtie, hence the name.

Course Objectives

After the workshop you will be able to :

Analyse hazard scenarios by applying the bowtie method and designing a bowtie diagram

Develop integrity assurance for bowtie barriers, eg in terms of HSE-critical tasks and/or HSE critical systems

Devise risk acceptance criteria for hazards in bowtie

Key Topics

  • Bowtie benefits, limitations and practical uses

  • Designing a bow tie diagram

  • Identifying bow tie barriers

  • HSE-critical tasks and systems

  • Implementing Bowtie Risk Management

This programme is suitable for managers, engineers, operators, HSE advisors and risk management practitioners. 

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