Tripod User Day 2018


On the 30th January 2018, Khalil Safety Consultant team (Mr Khalil and Mr Asyraf) has attended the ‘Tripod User Day’ that was jointly organized by the Stichting Tripod Foundation (STF), Energy Institute UK and Shell. Since the collaboration between Shell and STF back in 1998, the 1st Tripod User day was conducted back in 2010. In year 2012, Shell and STF has collaborated with Energy Institute UK.

In conjunction with the 20th year anniversary of the development of Tripod Beta, the 2nd Tripod User day was held in the place where it all started, Shell Headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

This event attracted more than 40 delegates from all around the globe, which comprised of Board Members from the STF, staffs from the Energy Institute UK, Tripod Assessors and Accredited Tripod Practitioners. Speakers invited were from Shell, STF, Leiden University, National Institute from Public Health, EPEX, Intergo, CGE Risk Management Solutions and Kelvin TOPSET, in which multiple topics were presented, ranging from Terrorism Attacks to Bowtie Barriers.

The User Meeting was also intended to gain improvement to the existing methodology. Practitioners were asked on how Tripod Beta could be improved, what are the weaknesses that practitioners encountered and many other things were discussed. All of those were done as part of their continuous development.

As the most active company in Malaysia to promote the Tripod Beta Methodology, STF board members have expressed their profound joy that KSC is leading the way in order to change the safety culture in Malaysia. With the increasing awareness on how Tripod Beta could help create a safer work environment, it is hoped that Malaysia will continue to become a much safer place to work in.

Ir. Khalil with CGE Risk Management Team

Tripod User Day 2018 at The Hague, Netherlands.

Mr Asyraf with Shell's VP HSE